Quotes of Imam Ash-Shafii (r,h)

Imam Shafii, rahimahullah, stated, “I never once argued with anyone hoping to win the debate; rather I always wished that the truth would come from his side”
“Knowledge is that which benefits, not that which is memorized” 
(Imam Ash-Shafi’ee)
“Be aware of your tongue, it’s dangerous! It’s like a snake and so many people have been killed by their tongues.”

(Imam Ash-Shafi’ee)
“If a man spreads his secret with his own tongue, then he is a fool, if blame to others he attests; If his own breast is too narrow to conceal his own secret, the breast of another is even more compressed.”

(Imam ash-Shafi’ee, rahimahullaah)
Let not your tongue mention the shame of another, for you yourself are covered in shame and all men have tongues. If your eye falls upon the sins of your brother, shield them and say: “O my eye! All men have eyes!”

(Imam Ash-Shaafi’ee)


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