The tolerance of Imam Abu Haneefah (R.A)


While he was busy teaching, a man once came up to Imam Abu Haneefah (R.A) and started to swear at him. When his students wanted to respond to the man, Imam Abu Haneefah (R.A) stopped them. Neither did he allow them to respond, nor did he say anything himself.

After the lesson was complete and he was going home, the foolish man followed him home and continued swearing at him. When he reached the door of his house, Imam Abu Haneefah (R.A) turned to the man and said. “This is the door to my house. If you have anything left to say, please say it now so that nothing is left in your heart.”

The man was embarrassed when he heard this and could give no reply. Imam Abu Haneefah (R.A) was an expert in the knowledge of Deen, he knew that it is not correct to reply back by swearing.

Dear children! Neither did Imam Abu Haneefah (R.A) become upset by what the man was saying, nor did he say anything back to him. He rather practiced tolerance, had he said anything, the man would have become angrier and said many more hurtful things, making Imam Abu Haneefah feel more upset.

The behavior of Imam Abu Haneefah (R.A) rather made the man embarrassed of himself. We should also do the same. If any person becomes angry with us for no reason, we should also remain silent and not make matters worse by arguing. Our elders say, “Silence can defeat a hundred people.”






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