Nice story

Speed ​​of the deer reaches 90km per hour, while the speed of lion reaches 60km on the hour, but nevertheless still deer is in most cases comes as a catch. And do you know why?

So when deer flee from a lion and deer is looking back it watching the distance between it and the lion, and the attention is often fatal to deer. So, when the deer turns to determine the distance between himself and the lion, the deer loses speed which has also just completed and ended with fatal catch.
Now, how often do we turn to our back, and how often do we pay attention to the past and previous, thereby become a victim to us. How often we feel fear of success (we are afraid that we will not succeed in any business) and thus fall prey or catch to another. How many of us affects the inner worry and we have confidence in ourselves that we can do it and that we can accomplish our goals and we can succeed, we just have to rid itself of internal bias.
So, the result lies in you, just get rid of internal and external weaknesses and move forward. You can do it. May Allah (The Almighty God) that, this example awoke in us a desire to succeed in this and the next world. Amen

Imam Sedin Agic

Sep 17 2012

01 Zul Ka’dah 1433

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