A story of 3 bulls, white, black and red

bullsA story of 3 bulls, the first bull was a black and second was red and the third was white

And so with these three bulls living amongst them was a lion, and the lion would graze together on living together and he said (lion); If I over tried attacking them, that I wouldn’t be able to, because they would always defend one another. And so he (lion) came up with a plan, he went to the black bull and he went to the red bull and he said; If you allow me to eat the white bull, I’ll let you the black bull and red bull live in peace.

And so with that promise from the lion the two bulls agreed, the lion went and ate the white bull, then a time passed the lion became hungry again and so he saw the black bull and he saw the red bull, and he said let me go to the red bull, he went to the red bull and he said; Allow me to eat the black bull and I’ll let you living in peace, because I’m very big and very ferocious let me kill him and eat him I’ll let you live in peace.

And the red bull was happy with that promise and he said; go and eat the black bull, and he did not defend black bull and lion ate him. And of course as a time passed and the lion became hungry he walked up to the red bull, and the red bull saw him and death in the lion’s eye coming to him and he saw the fangs on the lion and he screamed out. Verily I was actually eaten and actually died when the white bull died.

The scholars are pointing out of this story because when you see a brother and sister in any place, its your dying there, its you who is dying on television, you see a mother and father that’s your parents being filmed on television. It’s your family. The Prophet a,s, said: The Ummah is one family. That if one part is in pain the whole body spends the night in fever and in pain.

Do we feel that we are one body? Do we feel a pain as our brothers and sister do? Do we have a heart or it is hard as a stone?

May Allah guide us all?

Imam Sedin Agic



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