Advice of the Prophet Muhammad, the Muslims of today 8-part

Advice of the Prophet Muhammad, the Muslims of today 8-part


Marriage is the foundation of the family, if there is no marriage, there is no family, and without the family nor human community. That is why we regulate marriage and that’s the whole institution.

So men and women are meant to be together, to calm down and feel the serenity. Allah (swt) says to Prophet Muhammad: And We have already sent messengers before you and assigned to them wives and descendants. ”. Surah Ar-Ra’d 38th

Since there are male and female and that they would be together cannot be except through Islamic rules and regulations, and except through the institution of marriage and the natural way. And in Surah Nur 32: And marry the unmarried among you and the righteous among your male slaves and female slaves.

We have to practice Prophet’s sunna or his way, and his way was to marry, Prophet says, Who ever do not practice my Sunnah he does not belong to me. Marry because I will be proud of your nation by great number over others nation.

Messenger a,s, forbade celibacy, Sa’d bin Abi Vekkas (r,a,) says, the Prophet refused to celibacy, Uthman ibn Ma’zun, when he was asked for it. B.

A situation that we have today is exactly what the Prophet told and said: When you come to someone whose faith and morals are satisfied marry him! If you did not, it will appear on Earth anarchy and immorality. T.

How much the immorality that has appeared in our time, and how many venereal diseases that have emerged as the result for the appearance of immorality.

 How to choose a spouse?

This is one of the important factors, because it can be luck or misfortune. Messenger, tells us in the hadith narrated by Abu Hurairah reported: The Prophet said, “A woman is married for four things, i.e., her wealth, her family status, her beauty and her religion. So you should marry the religious woman (otherwise) you will be a losers.

When you choose a spouse then you should see her

Detect qualities or defects, because the Prophet advised to see a spouse, as it may be to detect some faults, so that the problem occurs:

After that comes the engagement

These customs (religious practice) were removed from our lives; everything is done in a modern way. In order to show that the man is serious about marriage then let him go through engagement. Normally each meeting will be within the limits of faith and rules of faith, there is no isolation, as it is today, because we are far away from the faith occurring undesirable or even prohibited activities before marriage.

If the girl had been engaged before, then it is forbidden to go again and again betroth you already betrothed.

 Wedding dinner

What is the most important thing in marriage is the offer and acceptance of a marriage, that the groom offers the marriage and that the bride accepts the offer. With the presence of two witness who must hear? Or young girl who marries should have permission from their parents, mothers and grandmothers, except for Imam Abu Hanifa, r, h.

When it is a wedding, what’s nice is that the wedding is on Friday, or on the eve of Friday, or on Eid.

 When the wedding is still needed to fulfill another requirement, which was a wedding gift or more

So mahr is a wedding gift or a husband is obliged to give her gift to marriage. In Surah Nisa 4 Allah says, “and give the women [upon marriage] their [bridal] gifts graciously”. The dower is a token for her honor and esteem. Islam awoke the people to consider the dower as a token and not as a price for the women.

A wedding gift is the right of a woman and she should be entitled to use it, if a man is wealthy, then let her seek higher mahr, and if not then let it reduce. And this is also one way of keeping a marriage, if a woman takes over a wedding gift then it is difficult to divorce her husband, and he is losing his wife and money.

Marriage should be public, or announced

It is allowed to use in the occasion like marriage the def, and the content of the song that does not have an ugly and obscene text. With out of the alcohol, haram, music, and mixing between men and women, and dancing together.

So this rule applies to be under Islamic rules. The Sunnah is to make the wedding occasion the wedding ceremony, which will honor the family, friends and other but within the limits of the laws and rules of Islam. Prophet a,s recommended to Abdur Rahman ibn Avfu when he got married to honor present and told him to kill the sheep. May Allah bless you; make a feast (dinner party), killing at least one sheep.

 What to do if we’re invited to the wedding ceremony

It is the practice in Islam for the husband to feed, his family, companions, and neighbors during the wedding feast.

If we are invited to the wedding we got an obligation or commitment to every Muslim to respond, provided that there are no suspicious things on it that are prohibited by Sharia. Abdullah ibn Umar that Prophet said: If one of you is invited to a wedding feast, he should respond.

What after the wedding? And congratulations to the newlyweds, what do we say to them?



Imam Sedin Agic


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