Hadis Poslanika Muhammeda a,s, – The Messenger of Allah said

Abdullah ibn Omer r,a, prenosi da je Poslanik a,s, rekao: Ne govorite mnogo, osim ako spominjete Allaha, jer mnogi govor – ako nije spominjenje Allaha dž,š, – okamenjuje srca,a najudaljeniji od Allaha je čovjek kamenog srca. Imam Tirmizi.

Abdullah ibn Omar r,a, reported: The Messenger of Allah said: Do not indulge in excessive talk except when remembering Allah. excessive talking without the remembrance of Allah hardens the heart, and those who are the farthest from Allah are those whose hearts are hard.

“the hardening of the heart is a condition where one neither learns any lesson from Allah’s signs nor does one accept anyone’s good advice and religious preaching. If one indulges in idle talk rather than the remembrance of Allah, his heart becomes hardened, which  is a sign of being far from Allah’s Mercy. One should therefore occupy himself with the remembrance of Allah. May Allah bless us with His remembrance Amin”.

عبد الله ابن عمر رضي الله عنه قال, قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه و سلم: لا تُكثروا الكلام بغير ذكر الله, فان كثرة الكلام بغير ذ كرالله تعالى قسوة للقلب! و ان ابعد الناس من الله القلب القاسي. رواه الامام الترمذي

امام سدين أجيتش

Imam Sedin Agic


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