Imam Junaid Al-Baghdai said

Imam Junaid al-Baghdadi (830-910 C.E.) says: A loyal, truthful person changes states at least forty times a day (in order to preserve personal integrity), while a hypocrite remains the same for forty years without feeling any trouble or unease (over his or her deviation).

(Junayd (Junaid) of Baghdad (Persian: جنید بغدادی‎) was one of the most famous of the early Persian Muslim mystics, or Sufis, of Islam and is a central figure in the golden chain of many Sufi orders. Junayd taught in Baghdad throughout his spiritual lifetime and was an important figure in the development of central Sufi doctrine. Junayd, like Hasan of Basra before him, was widely revered by his students and disciples as well as quoted by other mystics. Because of his importance in Sufi theology, Junayd was often referred to as the “Sultan”. There are a few other problems when encountering Junaid’s texts. Junaid believed that Sufism was a way for the elite to reach God, not the common man. “Tasawwuf,” he says, “is to purge the heart from every wish to follow the path of common men”)


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