Ibn al-Mubarak’s letter to Fudayl ibn Iyad (Ya ‘Abid Al Haramayn)

It is reported that when in Tarsus, Ibn al-Mubarak wrote a letter to his friend al-Fudayl ibn ‘Iyadh (who was known for his worship in Makkah and Madinah), encouraging him to partake in Jihad and not to be satisfied with simply worshiping Allah in the mosques. Ibn Abi Sukaynah said, ‘In Tarsus in the year 177 AH, Ibn al-Mubarak gave me a letter with the following verses. I bid farewell to him and went to deliver it to al-Fudhayl ibn ‘Iyadh:


يا عابد الحرمين لو ابصرتنا

لعلمت انك في العبادة تلعب

من كان يخضب خده بدموعه

فنحورنا بدمائنا تتخضب

أو كان يتعب خيله في باطل

فخيولنا يوم الصبيحة تتعب

ريح العبير لكم ونحن عبيرنا

رهج السنابك والغبار الأطيب

ولقد اتانا من مقال نبينا

قول صحيح صادق لا يكذب

لا يستوي غبار خيل الله في

أنف امرئ ودخان نار تلهب

هذا كتاب الله يحكم بيننا

ليس الشهيد بميت لا يكذب

O Worshiper of the Two Holy Masjids!
Had you witnessed us in the battlefield
You would have known that, compared to our Jihad,
Your worship is child’s play.
For every tear you have shed upon your cheek,
We have shed in its place, blood upon our chests.
You are playing with your worship,
While worshipers offer your worship
Mujahideen offer their blood and person (life).
The smell of nice perfume of is for you,
And our perfume is the dust and dirt (which is more pure),
And it has reached us from the sayings of our Prophet,
The martyr is not dead,
This is a true correct saying, in which there is no lie.
The dust of the people of Allah is never equal,
To a thousand men, whilst the smoke is climbing.
This is the book of Allah between us,
The martyr is not dead – and this is no lie

 Ibn Abi Sukaynah said, ‘So I met al-Fudhayl in the Haram (Makkah) with the letter and when he read it, tears came to his eyes and he said, ‘Indeed, Abu Abdur-Rahman (Ibn al-Mubarak) has told the truth and he has certainly advised (me).

Source: The Life of ‘Abdullah Ibn al-Mubarak


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