The Sunnah of Joking

There is even evidence that humor and jokes are supported in Islam. We learn this from several of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) teachings where it is narrated that Abu Hurairah said to the Prophet: “O Prophet of Allah, you are joking with us.” He said: “I only say what is true.” (At-Tirmidhi)

 An old woman came to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and said: “O Messenger of God, pray that I will enter Paradise.”  He said jokingly: “O Mother of So-and-so, no old women will enter Paradise.” The old woman went away crying, so the Prophet said: “Tell her that she will not enter Paradise as an old woman but as a young and pure woman whereas he cited from the Quran: {We have created their companions of special creation, and made them virgin-pure and undefiled.}

In fact it is related that Umar (a companion) said: “I admire a man who is like a child with his family, meaning that he is playful, and once he leaves them, he is more serious.” It has been reported by Thabit ibn Ubaid (another companion) once said that Zayd ibn Thabit was one of the most humorous men in his home. Outside of his home, he was as serious as any man.

Assalamu alaikum


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