Rekao je Hassan El-Basri r,h,

قال الحسن البصري رضي الله عنه: “المؤمن قوام على نفسه، يحاسب نفسه لله، وإنما خف الحساب يوم القيامة على قوم حاسبوا أنفسهم في الدنيا، وإنما شق الحساب يوم القيامة على قوم أخذوا هذا الأمر من غير محاسبة”.”.

Al-Hassan al-Basri May Allah be pleased with him said, “The believer is a guardian over his ownself; he constantly callas it to account for Allah’s sake. And verily, on the Day of Judgment, the record of reckoning becomes easy for those who observed self accountability in this world, and it becomes hard for the ones who neglected self accountability in this world. ”

Rekao je Imam Hasan El-Basri r,h: Mu’min vjernik je sam sebi vođa, sam sebe obračunava, na kijametskom danu će biti olakšano onima koji budu sami sebi račun svodili na dunjaluku, a nesretni su na kijametskom danu oni koji nisu sami sebi račun svodili.


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